DSLR.Bot 6.1


The new version if DSLR.Bot 6.1 is not available in the iTunes App Store.

DSLR.Bot Version 6.1 on its way


Hi everyone,

DSLR.Bot 6.0 has just been release a couple of days ago, updating the user interface to iOS7. There have been a few bugs while building the new version. This is evident when your running iOS firmware lower then 7.0 as there is a conflict in the old user interface and the new one. I didn’t test the lower versions 6.0, 6.1, and so I didn’t detect the bugs before launching the new DSLR.Bot version.

I think I have that all fixed up now. So a new version is coming out that supports both iOS 6.0 and 7.0 as the user interface will revert back to the old style for older firmware.

I have already submitted this to apple and it has already been approved. Right now it is just being processed for the App store. So the release should be out within 24 hours.

DSLR.Bot v5 new features coming soon.


I’m hoping I didn’t break anything in version 5. So I’ll be testing it out for a bit then seeing if Apples passes approval. The main new features are Scripting and Movie Mode for Sony Nex.

Update v5

Cable release now has a wake up function in the settings menu. This lets you send a signal to the camera to wake up the device before the shot is fired. This lets you conserve your camera’s battery if you have a ‘Auto Power Off’ set on your camera.

With cable mode the speed of Long Exposures and HDR Bracketing have been increased to 1/13(0.77 seconds), which is still relatively slow in comparison to the raw speed of a DSLR. This is a hardware limitation of the camera using a cable release  to trigger the camera in bulb mode.

The DSLR.Bot Cable Release adapter is still underway. At the moment there is no release date for this product.


– “Script” button opens up a list of scripts that you can use to program the app to trigger the camera at specific times.

– To edit a script you can press the side arrow button. The format used for the script is Date:YYYY:MM:DD Time:HH:MM:SS Bulb:SS’ For example, to shoot on the 1st of January 2012 at 1:30pm the script should be written as ‘Date:2012:01:01 Time:13:30:00 Bulb:0’.

– If you wish to use a timed long exposure you must set the camera to bulb and give the ‘Bulb:0’ a value in seconds. For example to shoot on the 2nd of January 2012 at 4:15pm with a 5 second long exposure the script should be written as ‘Date:2012:01:02 Time:16:15:00 Bulb:5’.

– Scripts can be deleted with a swipe. New scripts can be added using the “+” button. When in editing a script its name can be changed using the text box displaying the script name. You must press save to retain the changes of the script name and the script edits.

– There are two ways to add scripts from outside of the app, you can copy and paste the script directly into the editor, or you can save a text document containing the script into iTunes Document directory for DSLR.Bot. To do this you must open up iTunes and select your iOS device then proceed to the apps tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and browse the list of apps under ‘Document Directory’, select DSLR.Bot and then drag the text file to the box just to the left of the list.

Movie Mode:

– Sony NEX cameras now supports remote video start and stop.

Camera IR Signal Configurations: 

Canon – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing, Movie Mode
Nikon – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing
Pentax – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing
Sony – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing, Movie Mode
JR – Shoot, Time Lapse
Cable – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing

DSLR.Bot 4.2 now available on the app store


Update v4.2


DSLR.Bot can now run in the background and in standby mode of the iPhone, however triggering consistency may be interrupted when switching applications. ‘Auto GPS Tracking’ will also function in background mode.

DSLR.Bot 4.1 now available on the app store


Hey everyone, its been a long time waiting trying to get this version up on the app store but now its finally there. DSLR.Bot 4.1 is now available on the app store.

Multitasking is not included in this version so if you don’t have a 60D, 600D or 550D then its not necessary for you to update if you want to keep multitasking enabled. I’ll be aiming to put out another version soon to have multitasking approved.

Update v4.1

  1. Fixed camera signal to support Canon 60D, 600D, 550D.
  2. Fixed bluetooth Support for stereo A2DP devices.
  3. Added rapid fire when Shoot or 2 Second delay button is held down. A quick swipe down of either button will hold the rapid fire on until pressed again to release.
  4. Timer Accuracy Resolution is added in settings and is used to adjust between low, medium and high timer accuracy for Long Exposure, Time Lapse and HDR Bracketing. Lowering the resolution allows for older generation iOS devices to handle the app’s performance better. Increasing the resolution allows for more accurate timings but may severely affect the performance of older iOS devices.

DSLR.Bot Infrared Transmitter v3


v3 Specifications

  • 3.5 mm stereo headphone minijack to 940 nm infrared LEDs
    color – white
    compatible with Official iPhone case
  • 1m Extension Cord
    color – white
    compatible with Official iPhone case
  • Lens Strap

Now available at the DSLR.Bot online store.

DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3

DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter v3

DSLR.Bot v4 new features


Designed for both iPad and iPhone interface.

All settings have been moved directly into DSLR.Bot located at the top right hand corner of the app screen.

DSLR.Bot can now run in the background and in standby mode of the iPhone, however triggering consistency may be interrupted when switching applications.

Stereo audio Bluetooth devices can be used as a wireless link to the camera by pairing the device to the iPhone and plugging the infrared transmitter to the Bluetooth receiver. (devices running iOS 5 may have some Bluetooth compatibility issues)

The remote button on headset adapters can be use to control the main functions of each mode. This is especially useful for Movie mode when wanting to start and stop video recording from a wired button that is conveniently placed on a DSLR rig.

Turn on and off ‘Welcome message and Alerts’. This also applies to low volume alerts, infrared transmitter detection and GPS notifications.

Two new camera signals have been added, JR and Cable.

JR is used for JR remotes that can be attached to camera that don’t natively support IR remote control.

Cable signal is used for directly connecting the iPhone to the camera. A ‘DSLR.Bot release cable adapter’ is required for this to work. Please do not attempt to connect without the use of this specialised adapter as it may result in damaging you camera.


– Improved auto track for GPS.
– GPS Rate Settings
– GPS Load settings

Long Exposure:

– Individually adjustable HH:MM:SS:MS for fine tuning exposures.
– Create time lapse Long Exposures using ‘Repeat’ and ‘Delay’. Once Long Exposure settings are to your liking you can then specify how many times to repeat this Long Exposure and also the delay between sequences.
– Ramping for long exposure time lapses. This is activated once the ‘repeat’ value is greater than 1.
– Ramp the exposure up or down while the sequence is running to adjust for changing light conditions.
– Add extra exposures on the fly by typing in a value in ‘Add Shots’ then pressing ‘Add’.
– Pause the sequence to switch out the lens, memory card or camera battery.


– Setting the value 0 in the total shots box will make the sequence shoot for infinity.

HDR Bracketing:

– Added ‘interval’ dial for specifying the seconds of delay between each bracket exposure.
– Create time lapse HDR with ‘Repeat’ and ‘Delay’. Once HDR settings are to your liking you can then specify how many times to repeat this HDR sequence and also the delay between sequences.

Movie Mode:

– Configurable ‘Auto Restart Rec’ settings. Set the time for the camera to restart recording to get around the 12 minutes recording limit.
– Adjust the delay in which the camera restarts recording by setting the ‘Delay Auto Restart’ setting. This can be found in DSLR.Bot settings.

Camera IR Signal Configurations:

Canon – Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing, Movie Mode
Nikon – Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing
Pentax – Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing
Sony – Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing
JR – Shoot, Time Lapse
Cable – Shoot, Long Exposure, Time Lapse, HDR Bracketing


DSLR.Bot IR + Remote Button


DSLRBot Remote Package

On Sale now in the Online Store.

Remotely Control the start and stop recording on the Canon video capable DSLR from the handle of your own DSLR rig. Can also be used in shoot mode to trigger the immediate trigger for all DSLR.Bot compatible camera.

Long Exposure Ramping update


A new update is being developed to rework the Long exposure mode to have control over HH:MM:SS individually. A ramping function will also be included to adjust the end exposure on the fly of a long exposure time lapse, allowing you to ramp exposure  to compensate for sunsets etc.

DSLR.Bot Infrared Remote Button for DSLR Rig


DSLR Rig Remote Button

Trigger Video recording from the handle of your DSLR Rig. Remote Buttons coming soon to the online store.

New Features in version 3

  1. Camera IR Signal in settingsChange the IR signal from 4 different camera modes in iPhone settings / DSLR.Bot / Camera IR Signal. Canon EOSNikonPentax and Sony Nex.
  2. GPS Rate SettingsConfigurable rate in which the GPS logs your co-ordintates.
  3. GPS Load SettingsAdjust how many pins to load from previously recorded GPS co-ordintates.
  4. Notification Settings – Turn on and off startup message from settings.
  5. HDR Bracketing repeater – create time lapse HDR with ‘Repeat’ and ‘Delay’. Once HDR settings are to your liking you can then specify how many times to repeat this HDR sequence and also the delay between sequences.
  6. HDR Times – Exposure times increased up to 10 minutes (600 seconds).
  7. Reversible HDR sequence – Allows first and last exposure to be specified as either darker or lighter.
  8. Movie Mode – +12 min Auto Restart Rec. for continuous recording on Canon EOS cameras.
  9. Long Exposure repeater – create time lapse Long Exposures using ‘Repeat’ and ‘Delay’. Once Long Exposure settings are to your liking you can then specify how many times to repeat this Long Exposure and also the delay between sequences.
  10. iPhone Headphone Remote Trigger – Using the 3rd party iPhone remote extension cable or a DIY iPhone headset cable with remote, you can trigger ‘Start’ & ‘Stop’ movie recording and ‘Shoot’ using the headphone play button. Handy for placing the trigger button on the handles of a DSLR rig.

Camera Configurations

Canon Nikon Sony Pentax
Long Exposure
Time Lapse
HDR Bracketing
Movie Mode
Long Exposure
Time Lapse
HDR Bracketing
Long Exposure
Time Lapse
HDR Bracketing
Long Exposure
Time Lapse

HDR Bracketing

HDR Bracketing

HDR Bracketing

Due to limitations of the infrared interfacing the quickest shutter speed will be 0.3 seconds.

  • Set the camera to “BULB” mode for this application to control the camera.
  • First select Bracket number, then select first value and test its exposure by pressing the corresponding button. Once your happy with the exposure then select the last exposure value then press its corresponding button to test on the camera.
  • “Brackets” is the number of shots you would like to take between the first and last exposure.
  • “Interval” is the time in seconds between each bracket shot.
  • Once all the HDR values are to your liking, press the “Start” button to begin the HDR bracketing sequence.
  • HDR Bracketing repeater – create time lapse HDR with ‘Repeat’ and ‘Delay’. Once HDR settings are to your liking you can then specify how many times to repeat this HDR sequence and also the time in seconds to delay between sequences.
HDR Bracketing Demonstration

Movie Mode

Movie Mode Icon

Movie Mode

Control the Start and Stop recording in Live View mode. A Shot list is generated when the recording is triggered. The shoot title can be edited for specific shots. If recorded videos are deleted on the camera the listed shot can also be deleted with a swipe. With once press over a shot list item you can mark the shot with a tick. The shot list can be export via email. A total shot time is also provided to alow you to monitor how much footage you have taken.
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Time Lapse

Time Lapse Icon

Time Lapse

Create time lapse sequences with the ability to specify the amount of shots to be taken and the duration for each shot interval. A Rapid Firefunction is added giving a continious burst of shoots, the speed in which your photos are taken are depndant on the camera specifications.
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Long Exposure

Long Exposure Icon

Long Exposure

Take full control of your cameras long exposure ability and extend the time of your exposures.

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Shoot Icon


Trigger your camera with Shoot or 2 Second Delay button. Within shoot mode you can enable a GPS Log function that records your location at the time the shot is triggered. This can GPS log can be exported and synced with the photos triggered by the camera.
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Infrared Transmitter

DSLRBOT IR Transmitter


An  infrared transmitter must be plugged into the headphone jack of the iPhone for this application to work.  This can be purchase from our online store at DSLR.Bot Infrared Transmitter or by following simple DIY instructions found at the Instructables website, you can make one yourself.
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DSLR.Bot IR Transmitter Christmas Sale


Happy Holidays – End of 2015 🙂

We’re having a Christmas Sale

DSLR.Bot IR Transmitters will be on sale from $18AUD for one or $30AUD for two. Bulk orders will also be reduced in price.

Free international shipping on all orders.

Check out our store for more details.

DSLR.Bot Store

5D Mark II, 5D Mark III or 6D Raw Video


For the 5d mark II users who want Raw Video.

DSLR.Bot v5 Now Available on the App Store


Its finally here. 

App Store

Important Notice for iPhone 3G users on firmware 4.1/4.2/4.2.1


The next update should be coming very soon, however the earliest firmware that can be supported from making this update is now firmware 4.3. So for old iPhone 3G users its best not to update the app anymore as it will not be supported.

A lot of programming refinements have been made, making the app run more efficiently and will support the various device screen sizes, even the new iPhone 5. So many things have been fiddled around with within inside the app, and from the testing I’ve done everything looks like its running smoothly. But bugs can happen and nobody’s perfect so drop me an email at info@dslrbot.com should you find one.

Important 4.1 update


I’ve submitted the new 4.1 update for DSLR.Bot to Apple, if works then we’ll see it out early next week. I’ve had to remove the multitasking feature in this version just so I can release it for the 60D, 600D and 550D users. So the app won’t work in background or sleep mode but everything else should be fine. If you require multitasking and you are not a 60D, 600D or 550D user I sugest you NOT update the app so you can retain this feature until I can get this pass Apple. I’ll be working on a 4.2 version shortly after and trying to bring back multitasking.

The New iPad.


As you all know the ‘New iPad’ (aka iPad 3) has just been released. The screen is pretty amazing however the battery charge time is really slow and those are my 2 cents on the iPad 3.

After looking around the web I found there aren’t many high resolution wallpapers that really do the retina display justice. So I’ve created a few from some of my artwork. They are free to download, just visit the link and save it to your iPad.

Download Wallpapers

amelia iPad LockScreen

Version 4.1 update


Unfortunately the app has been put back another week for approval by apple. The issue is the multitasking and background operation of the app. There are some guidelines which states an app must by for music or audio use for it to allow multitasking functionality. The weird thing is that its built into version 4 which has been approved but now we’re unluckily enough having to modify the app to meet apple’s guidelines hoping to see if gets through next week. Apologies for the 60D, 600D & 550D users who were expecting it this week. Please let me know if your in urgent need of the app and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Online Store


Apologies to the people who were trying to purchase an infrared transmitter for the past few days. There where a few bugs in the shopping cart from the restoration process, which has now been rectified. The shop is now online and functional.

Website Crash


Since Monday 5th the DSLR.Bot website had been down from web host issues. They performed a ‘System File Check’ that crashed everything and in the end they had to restore from backup. So far few days of data had been lost. Its now back online and ready to go. If you’re experiencing any problems with the website please let me know there may be some bug floating around.


Canon Announcement Feb 27/28


Canon will make an announcement on this Feb 27/28 which most anticipate to be the release of the Rebel T4i and 5D mark III. I’ll be hoping to get my hands on a T4i to test and sort out the bugs for the next DSLR.Bot release.

Canon 60D & T2i & T3i Cameras


At the moment there are some bugs in the v4 app. As a result Canon 60D & T2i $ T3i users are having difficulty getting the app to work with their camera. I’m working on a fix so we should expect to see v4.1 in the coming weeks.

DSLR.Bot v4 feedback


Hey Guys, DSLR.Bot is fresh out of the box. Let me know what you think. If you think the app is awesome let me know. If your finding some bugs let me as well know by sending an email to info@dslrbot.com. Please include what type of iOS device, firmware and camera you are using and also indicate if you’ve previously been using v3. Please try and best describe the bug and situation fully as one line comments don’t really help.

DSLR.Bot Cable Release Adapter


The DSLR.Bot Cable Release Adapter is not in production or for sale as of yet. The prototype is still being refined but things are working and looking good, so will hopefully It’ll be released later down the track. At the moment there has been no release date set, so I’ll just have to keep you posted.

DSLR.Bot v4 Now available in the App Store.


iTunes App Store

Uluru (Ayres Rock) TVC by Projekta


Digital Production Agency Projekta put together an amazing TVC ‘Vote for Uluru (Ayers Rock) as a New7Wonder of Nature‘. DSLR.Bot was used in the production to put together the timelapse sequences.

Studio Canvas is a proud supporter of 48 Green Hours Festival


If you are in Australia and interested in making short films, try out 48 Green Hours. Its a film festival in which you make a short film in 48 hours. There is $3000 AUD cash prize and your film will be screened at Cannes.

Check out the website for more details at www.48greenhours.com

Scott Sanders – DIY IR Transmitter



Gatesman Photography – Venice HDR Imges


GatesMan Photography

Stunning HDR images are courtesy of Jeff Gatesman.

CheesyCam – Review



Playing with DSLR.Bot Application from emmagination on Vimeo.

Android Development


DSLR.Bot will begin development on the Android platform. Can anyone recommend a good android phone to develop on. Was hoping one of the Android tablets would have a HDMI in, so I could integrate this as a external monitor. There doesn’t seem to be one at the moment, so for now we’re just going to have to wait till one of these Android Hardware developers put one out.

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