DSLR.Bot v5 new features coming soon.

July 13, 2012

I’m hoping I didn’t break anything in version 5. So I’ll be testing it out for a bit then seeing if Apples passes approval. The main new features are Scripting and Movie Mode for Sony Nex.

Update v5

Cable release now has a wake up function in the settings menu. This lets you send a signal to the camera to wake up the device before the shot is fired. This lets you conserve your camera’s battery if you have a ‘Auto Power Off’ set on your camera.

With cable mode the speed of Long Exposures and HDR Bracketing have been increased to 1/13(0.77 seconds), which is still relatively slow in comparison to the raw speed of a DSLR. This is a hardware limitation of the camera using a cable release  to trigger the camera in bulb mode.

The DSLR.Bot Cable Release adapter is still underway. At the moment there is no release date for this product.


– “Script” button opens up a list of scripts that you can use to program the app to trigger the camera at specific times.

– To edit a script you can press the side arrow button. The format used for the script is Date:YYYY:MM:DD Time:HH:MM:SS Bulb:SS’ For example, to shoot on the 1st of January 2012 at 1:30pm the script should be written as ‘Date:2012:01:01 Time:13:30:00 Bulb:0’.

– If you wish to use a timed long exposure you must set the camera to bulb and give the ‘Bulb:0’ a value in seconds. For example to shoot on the 2nd of January 2012 at 4:15pm with a 5 second long exposure the script should be written as ‘Date:2012:01:02 Time:16:15:00 Bulb:5’.

– Scripts can be deleted with a swipe. New scripts can be added using the “+” button. When in editing a script its name can be changed using the text box displaying the script name. You must press save to retain the changes of the script name and the script edits.

– There are two ways to add scripts from outside of the app, you can copy and paste the script directly into the editor, or you can save a text document containing the script into iTunes Document directory for DSLR.Bot. To do this you must open up iTunes and select your iOS device then proceed to the apps tab. Scroll to the bottom of the page and browse the list of apps under ‘Document Directory’, select DSLR.Bot and then drag the text file to the box just to the left of the list.

Movie Mode:

– Sony NEX cameras now supports remote video start and stop.

Camera IR Signal Configurations: 

Canon – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing, Movie Mode
Nikon – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing
Pentax – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing
Sony – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing, Movie Mode
JR – Shoot, Time Lapse
Cable – Shoot, Long Exposure, Timelapse, HDR Bracketing

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