September 10, 2010
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Trigger your camera with Shoot or 2 Second Delay button. Within shoot mode you can enable a GPS Log function that records your location at the time the shot is triggered. This can GPS log can be exported and synced with the photos triggered by the camera.



  • Press either the “Shoot” or “2 Second Delay” buttons to trigger the camera.
  • When the GPS mode is switched to “Track Shot”, GPS coordinates are recorded for each shot when the “Shoot” or “2 Second Delay” buttons are pressed.
  • With the GPS mode set to “Auto Track”, GPS data will record coordinates every 5 seconds until the GPS mode is switched to either “GPS Off” or “Track Shot”.
  • Using “auto” mode allows the photographer to leave the iPhone on in their pocket freeing both hands to manually adjust the camera and take shots.
  • The GPS log can be exported via email in GPX format from pressing the “Export Log” button. The GPX file can be used to geo-tag the photos triggered by this application.
  • For photos to be geo-tagged seamlessly, please ensure the GPS Time Stamp and the camera’s clock are in sync.
  • Geo-tagging photos can be accomplished with Mac applications such as “GPSPhotoLinker”.
  • The GPS log can be cleared via the “Reset Log” button.
  • The GPS log can be displayed through map view from the “Open Map” button. This button is replaced with a already displayed map when using an iPad.

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  1. Dave Loomis on June 1, 2011 at 6:33 am


    I’d love to see a sound activated (using the iphone microphone, with sensitivity/threshold) trigger in shoot mode that would allow me to shoot by clapping. This would save me a lot of walking back and forth to a tripod when solo shooting.

    great work!

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